The First Time I Saw A Planet


The only thing I remember liking when I look up above my head in the night were the stars that flicker through the pitch-dark night. I remember looking for the moon & wondering how it would leave me in awe until I forget to take out my phone to keep proof of it. Then I met my husband – a person who I though was weird enough to have an interest of owning a telescope. I always wondered what it was for; to peek into someone else’s house, to spy on the neighbors, what on earth was a telescope for? Oh yes, from the sounds of it, I am a little straight about these things.

So, one night he brings it out & he says that it’s such a beautiful night to have a peak at the planets, because he had spotted one. I was thinking okay here we go, weirdo. What on earth would you be able to see because as we all know the stars and the moon and the planets are so very far away from us. After much arguing about me getting up & going out to the porch or not, I finally caved & I’ve got to say – it was the most romantic thing we’ve ever done! I also heard that star gazing can help with nervousness as in

He had found a planet, which typical me, I don’t remember the name of and had set the telescope to show straight at it. When I saw the planet, I was very truly mesmerized by the sight of it. Maybe it was really my lucky night, but I was able to see the planet with the ring around it. Yeah, forgot the name again. But it was beyond cool because you could actually see it, from thousands or millions of miles away! It was I was in space & I could see everything, up close & personal. The detailed physical planet, which I got to learn so much about, was right there in front of my bare eyes.

I regretted turning my husband down many times before when he asked me to look into the telescope, and now I will never forget that moment spent together – looking at something so beautiful.